Connect at Sundance: Discover FilmTrack and Network with Industry Leaders in 2024


The Sundance Film Festival is a pivotal event, symbolizing innovation and diversity in film. It is also a trendsetter in the industry and a dynamic platform where media companies can gain insights that inform future acquisitions and productions, discover fresh content, and explore new opportunities. The 2024 edition, held in Park City, Utah, January 18th-28th, looks set to continue the tradition of showcasing groundbreaking narratives and voices, making it an essential destination for professionals looking to expand their portfolios and engage with the international film community.

Attending Sundance with a strategic and focused approach can be highly advantageous for media companies centered on content monetization and distribution. 

6 Sundance Benefits For Media Companies:

  • Cost-Effective Networking: Sundance is a key gathering place for top industry professionals. Media companies can maximize this opportunity to network, learn, build relationships, and create partnerships.

  • Industry Insights: The festival brings together a diverse range of industry insiders, including filmmakers, producers, distributors, media, and other media company reps. Connecting with them, attending panel discussions at Sundance, and outside networking events and parties can provide valuable insights.

  • Building Relationships with Filmmakers: Direct interaction with filmmakers and other content creators at Sundance can lead to long-term relationships that can warm up future negotiations, leading to more favorable future deals or collaborations.

  • Identifying Niche Content: Sundance offers the opportunity to find unique, niche films that may align with a specific audience or brand identity. Many films showcased at Sundance are seeking distribution deals. Media companies can acquire rights to promising films early on, potentially securing valuable content for their libraries before competitors.
  • Building Brand and Reputation: Even smaller media companies can benefit from the prestige associated with Sundance. Engaging with the festival in any capacity can enhance a company's reputation within the industry.
  • The Buzz Factor: Sundance films create significant buzz and critical acclaim. Engaging with such content can boost a media company's appeal, demonstrating a dedication to excellence and cutting-edge cinema.

FilmTrack Returns to Sundance!

As our team eagerly anticipates Sundance, we invite media companies to join us in exploring the festival's opportunities. We welcome you to meet the FilmTrack team there to discover how our exceptional rights management software can revolutionize your content monetization and distribution strategies. Sundance is more than a festival; it's a journey toward discovery, connection, and growth. And we look forward to being a part of this transformative experience with you and elevating your business to new heights. 

Let's connect at Sundance!


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