Our industry experts weigh in on today's fast changing entertainment landscape. 

EFM 2023 Kicks Off The Year In Film Production, Distribution, And Networking

Berlin's European Film Market (February 16-22) provides a unique opportunity for studios, networks, and distribution and media companies to network with other industry professionals. The event serves

Why Your Rights Management Team Should Be Investing in Tech

When businesses face difficult circumstances, the challenges often serve as a catalyst for change. The pandemic accelerated technology adoption in many industries, forcing them to take the plunge and

Exciting 2023 Improvements On UX, Analytics, And Financials

FilmTrack CEO Jason Kassin shares his excitement about FilmTrack's direction heading into the new year. After profound investment throughout 2021-2022, we are focusing on scalability and performance

Why Financial Capabilities Are Important In A Rights Management System

[NEW GUIDE] If your rights management system can't do financials, how valuable is it really? Even if you're a small media company looking after limited titles, you can save considerable time and

Industry Mayhem - Are You Keeping Up With The Evolving Landscape?

FilmTrack's Co-founder and CEO Jason Kassin penned an article in the M+E Journal just before the holidays tackling the challenges we face tracking rights and financials given how quickly distribution

How Can You Support Your Distribution Company's Growth?

When INSP LLC searched for efficient rights management software to keep up with their distribution company Imagicomm Entertainment, they found a decisive match with FilmTrack. FilmTrack gives media

Shopping for a Rights Management System That Scales

The entertainment rights management industry is endlessly moving and changing. With all the increasing distribution models and factors to take into account – fast channels, streaming services, Over

FilmTrack Makes The Cut In BaM Awards® 2022 Shortlist

FilmTrack has been shortlisted in the “Monetize” Category for the IABM BaM Awards® 2022 for our rights management software. The accolade shines a spotlight on companies that streamline business

AFM2022 Recap: The Pulse Of Indie Production & Distribution

The FilmTrack team enjoyed catching up with clients and friends at AFM® 2022, which finished up its first in-person event since 2019 last weekend. Produced by the Independent Film & Television

How A Major Studio Manages A Massive Content Library

If you've been in rights management long, you've witnessed a lot of change with distribution. Even as a consumer, all the options of where to watch things are hard to keep track of! So if you look