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4 Things You Need to Know When Managing Podcast Contracts and IPs

Podcasting is poised to become a $94.88 billion industry by 2028 [1]. and is recognized as yielding significant ROI from advertising dollars on popular shows. If podcast rights are among your library

4 International Film Distribution and Licensing Trends to Watch in 2023

Trends drive international film distribution and licensing. Though financiers and industry executives attempt to predict a film's potential success, there are many variables that impact what will

How to Build a Solid Rights Management Solution From the Ground Up

Are you still relying on spreadsheets and manual processes to stay on top of your titles? Learn how an international sales and production company ditched manual tables and tedious tasks for better

How To Maximize Your Film Rights Library With Availability Reporting

You may not have a crystal ball to see into the future. However, content rights management companies must know how to find hidden pockets of availability to maximize the value of their library and

The Evolution of Storytelling and its Impact on Rights Management

Whether you're dealing with television, the big screen, radio, or other means to showcase creative content, the medium dictates how you can tell a story. And mediums and storytelling are undergoing

📺How WNET Built Wavelength - A Dynamic Public Media Solution

When renowned public broadcasting station WNET (parent company of THIRTEEN and WLIW21) sought a solution to share content with public media stations across America via a Veterans Content Sharing

EFM 2023 Kicks Off The Year In Film Production, Distribution, And Networking

Berlin's European Film Market (February 16-22) provides a unique opportunity for studios, networks, and distribution and media companies to network with other industry professionals. The event serves

Why Your Rights Management Team Should Be Investing in Tech

When businesses face difficult circumstances, the challenges often serve as a catalyst for change. The pandemic accelerated technology adoption in many industries, forcing them to take the plunge and

Exciting 2023 Improvements On UX, Analytics, And Financials

FilmTrack CEO Jason Kassin shares his excitement about FilmTrack's direction heading into the new year. After profound investment throughout 2021-2022, we are focusing on scalability and performance

Why Financial Capabilities Are Important In A Rights Management System

[NEW GUIDE] If your rights management system can't do financials, how valuable is it really? Even if you're a small media company looking after limited titles, you can save considerable time and