Cutting-Edge Management: Film Mode's Journey with FilmTrack in the World of Indie Cinema


Where every contract, title, and market decision can pivot the trajectory of success, Film Mode Entertainment stands as a beacon of cultivation and achievement. Under the leadership of industry veteran Clay Epstein, Film Mode has carved out a niche in the independent film sector, aiming to maximize exposure on all their films. 

Balancing roles in distribution rights management, executive production, and detailed consultancy, Film Mode develops and distributes beautiful and engaging films worldwide and is fast-tracked to become one of the leading global independent sales agents. 

Client Challenge

Before signing on with FilmTrack, the challenge for Film Mode was multifaceted. They were:

  • Managing an ever-growing library of content
  • Looking to streamline the process of rights acquisition and distribution
  • Strengthening their competitive edge in the fast-paced world of film markets

The need for a system to seamlessly handle diverse data streams, from contractual details to financial transactions, was evident. Enter FilmTrack, a solution that promised not just to manage but to transform how Film Mode approached these challenges.

FilmTrack: A Catalyst for Change in Rights Management:

FilmTrack emerged as more than just a software solution for Film Mode; it became a pivotal tool in their strategy to stay ahead.

clay epstein film mode


As Clay Epstein remarks:

"FilmTrack has revolutionized the way we manage our films. It's not just about keeping track of contracts; it's about having the right information at the right time to make the best decisions for our films and filmmakers."



How FilmTrack redefined Film Mode’s approach to rights management:

Centralized Rights Management

With FilmTrack, Film Mode found an ally in managing their complex portfolio of film rights. The software’s ability to centralize all contracts — both acquisition and distribution — into a single, easily accessible system was transformative.

FilmTrack's central hub: 

Reduces the time spent on data retrieval
Ensures every contract and avails report is at the team’s fingertips when needed

Real-Time Reporting and Strategic Insights

FilmTrack’s real-time reporting capabilities allows Film Mode to adapt to market changes and make informed decisions swiftly. During high-stakes film markets, the ability to access updated data and analytics on the go provides a significant strategic advantage. 

Real-time reporting is not just about efficiency; it is about empowering Film Mode with the knowledge to make decisions that could alter the course of a film’s success.

Streamlined Operations for Enhanced Efficiency

FilmTrack automates key processes, freeing up valuable time for Film Mode's team, allowing them to concentrate on the creative and strategic aspects of their business. With FilmTrack, Film Mode works with confidence, knowing that administrative and data management tasks are efficiently handled, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced productivity.

The integration of FilmTrack into Film Mode's operations has optimized their workflow and provided them with an arsenal of tools for strategic decision-making. This has proved essential in enabling Film Mode to maintain its competitive edge and adaptability in a global, dynamic industry.

Having some experience with FilmTrack prior to starting Film Mode, Epstein remarks:

"I selected FilmTrack early on when starting Film Mode for its familiarity and reliability. It's more than just a rights management system; it's a partner with strong industry insight and personality. Their customer service is always available and helpful and really sets them apart. 

Even as FilmTrack has grown, they've maintained a personal touch, ensuring we never feel like just another client."

An Important and Evolving Ally 

Through their long relationship with FilmTrack, Film Mode has witnessed FilmTrack advance from a basic system to a sophisticated, cloud-based platform. Their journey with them underscores FilmTrack's commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation to the evolving needs of the film industry and their clients. 

Through FilmTrack's support, Film Mode has simplified their operational processes and gained a significant strategic edge in the global film market, demonstrating how the right tools and technologies can transform the complexities of film rights management into opportunities for growth and innovation.

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