From Creative Roots to Tech Heights: Angie Romasanta's Journey at FilmTrack


Angie Romasanta, FilmTrack's Customer Success Manager, has a notable career that proves her ability to adapt to the world's of media, technology, and creativity. Starting in music production and moving into rights management software at FilmTrack, Angie has uniquely combined her artistic talent and technical skills. Her story is about taking on new roles, facing challenges, and participating in the ever-changing entertainment industry.

Early Beginnings and Transition to FilmTrack

Please share your career background before joining FilmTrack.

ANGIE: I began my career in the music industry, where I was heavily engaged in creative work. Working for a music producer under a multinational music company, I managed new media responsibilities, including designing Myspace pages, creating websites for various divisions like clothing lines, and even designing album artwork. This role required a blend of creativity and technical skills, primarily in CSS and Flash animation.

Tell us about working with FilmTrack

ANGIE: Transitioning to FilmTrack was an unexpected turn in my career. Upon relocating from Atlanta to California in 2011, I eagerly embarked on a job search to establish a foothold in the industry. It was during this process that my resume caught FilmTrack’s eye on a more fitting role. The FilmTrack team started me out in designing websites. 

The move seemingly reflected the broader evolution of the entertainment industry—my journey here has progressed from web design to implementation management and now to customer success management, mirroring the industry's advancement towards more sophisticated and integrated media rights management solutions. 

Each position I've held at FilmTrack has allowed me to leverage my background in creative and technical fields, adapting, continuously learning, and growing with the company and the industry's changing needs. It is a very satisfying experience.

What do you appreciate most about the company culture at FilmTrack?

ANGIE: The culture here is genuinely supportive and collaborative. FilmTrack champions a healthy work-life balance and fosters an environment where talented individuals can thrive. The company's unique ability to attract people of high skill and integrity creates a wonderful familial and positive workspace.

Engaging with the Film Industry

What is it like attending some of the high-caliber industry events held each year?  

toronto film festival 2022
Attending events like Cannes and TIFF for the first time in the past years and regularly participating in the American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica have highlighted my role. These experiences are not just about promoting our platform; they're opportunities to connect with clients personally, understand their needs better, and build lasting relationships within the industry.


Navigating Client Success and Software Innovations

How does your current role impact FilmTrack's clients?

ANGIE: As a Customer Success Manager, my goal is to be the voice of our clients within FilmTrack. This involves everything from facilitating communication to monitoring their engagement with our platform, ensuring they maximize their usage and benefit from our latest features and updates.

What upcoming innovations at FilmTrack excite you the most?

ANGIE: The development of our new interface is particularly thrilling. It promises a sleek, modern, and intuitive user experience. I'm eager about the advanced search features and the data ingestion tool, which has been a significant achievement for the company. 

Looking back, what accomplishments at FilmTrack are you most proud of?

ANGIE: I've been part of critical projects that have significantly improved our services and client satisfaction. Among these, I'm particularly proud of assisting with the developing of a comprehensive CRM system that has enhanced our ability to track and support clients more effectively. This tool has been pivotal in allowing us to offer more personalized and proactive support, which has been a major achievement for both the company and me personally. 

Also, embracing the many roles I have and continuously learning and growing within the company has been incredibly fulfilling.

Any advice for those looking to start a career in this industry or join FilmTrack?

ANGIE: For industry newcomers, immerse yourself in learning about film distribution and finance. For those aspiring to join FilmTrack, character, teamwork, and a willingness to contribute positively are key. We value individuals who embody these qualities, as they are crucial for success and fulfillment in our company culture.

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