Exploring AI and Emerging Trends in Media at NAB 2024


The NAB Show in Las Vegas, marking over a century of media innovation, is the premier hub for the latest trends, technology, and strategies in media and entertainment. This year, under the theme 'Embracing the Future of AI,' the April 13-17 event at the Las Vegas Convention Center promises key insights and networking in content creation, distribution, and rights management. Join us to explore groundbreaking advancements and connect with industry leaders.

5 Reasons to Attend NAB 2024

  • Comprehensive Learning Opportunities: The NAB Show's core education series, including the Create, Connect, and Capitalize streams, offers tailored sessions that delve into critical aspects of content creation, distribution, and monetization. For rights and contract management professionals, the Capitalize
    is particularly relevant. It provides insights into adapting to market changes, identifying value, and leveraging next-gen technology to fuel the content economy.

  • Networking with Industry Peers: With thousands of content professionals attending from across the broadcast, media, and entertainment ecosystem, the NAB Show serves as an ideal platform for networking. Engaging with peers, sharing experiences, and exploring potential collaborations can open new avenues for growth and innovation in managing film and TV rights and contracts.

  • Exploring Next-Generation Technology: The lead Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference, part of the Connect Series, focuses on the evolution of broadcast technology. Understanding these technological advancements is crucial for those involved in rights and contract management. Integrating artificial intelligence, IP-based systems, and emerging audio and video technologies can significantly impact content management and monetization strategies.
  • Leadership and Career Development: The Focus on Leadership session offers insights from influential industry speakers. This is an opportunity to gain leadership perspectives that can be applied to managing teams and projects in the rights and contracts domain.

  • Innovations in Content Protection: The CDSA Content Protection Summit addresses the critical issue of protecting content in the digital age. For professionals tasked with managing rights and ensuring content security, this summit provides a deep dive into anti-piracy measures, cybersecurity, and strategies to safeguard media assets across the supply chain.

Meet the FilmTrack Team at NAB!

Schedule time to meet the FilmTrack team at NAB and discover our unique value proposition: a unified platform that seamlessly integrates managing contracts and rights with financial capabilities. This holistic approach not only facilitates efficient rights management but also empowers media professionals to optimize financial performance and compliance, all within a single system. 

By engaging with FilmTrack, attendees will uncover how to leverage technology for:

  • Optimizing media asset use while closely monitoring financial performance.

  • Navigating emerging distribution channels with strategic financial insights.

  • Embracing rights management innovation, supported by robust financial planning.

Join us at NAB in Vegas to see how FilmTrack can transform your content monetization and financial management strategies.

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FilmTrack's Contracts & Availabilities Manager

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FilmTrack's Brand Licensing Manager

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