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How To Evaluate The Implementation Of A Rights Management System

A rights management vendor must implement their solution thoughtfully and thoroughly to help you compete in today's market. They must understand the nuances of the rights management industry, design

[New Guide] Implementing Rights Management and Royalties Software—Getting It Right From The Start

Simply rolling out technology to manage your content library and titles isn't sufficient anymore. The most successful software deployments involve partnering with a rights management vendor with a

Film Licensing In Flux: Are You Geared Up For The Shift?

Streaming has ushered in fresh opportunities for showcasing your content. Yet, the environment constantly evolves, resulting in a heightened level of competition, with everyone on the hunt for the

No Penny Left Behind: How To Maximize Royalties

Whether you’re managing a handful or thousands of titles, royalties and licensing can be very complex. Spreadsheets, manual accounting, and basic management simply cannot keep up with modern royalty

Selling Titles to a FAST Streaming Service? Here are 6 Things to Look Out For

The consolidation of streaming services, channels, and content has turned into quite the maze—it's tough to tell who the players are, and even the names of some of those entities seem to change every

NAB 2023 In Vegas: 100 Years Of Broadcast, Media, And Entertainment

The National Association of Broadcasters celebrate their centennial event in Las Vegas this month, April 15th-19th, where they will highlight the show's role in the industry over the past 100 years.

The Role of Data and Technology in Film Finance and Licensing

Data and the right technology to manage data meaningfully are crucial in film finance and licensing. They provide valuable insights and tools to help media companies and investors make informed

4 Things You Need to Know When Managing Podcast Contracts and IPs

Podcasting is poised to become a $94.88 billion industry by 2028 [1]. and is recognized as yielding significant ROI from advertising dollars on popular shows. If podcast rights are among your library

How to Build a Solid Rights Management Solution From the Ground Up

Are you still relying on spreadsheets and manual processes to stay on top of your titles? Learn how an international sales and production company ditched manual tables and tedious tasks for better

How To Maximize Your Film Rights Library With Availability Reporting

You may not have a crystal ball to see into the future. However, content rights management companies must know how to find hidden pockets of availability to maximize the value of their library and