Opportunities at EFM 2024: A Hub for TV and Film Trade


As the 74th Berlin International Film Festival approaches, the European Film Market (EFM) is gearing up to welcome industry professionals from February 15 to 21, 2024. Located at the festival's heart, EFM is a beacon for over 11,500 market participants, including exhibitors, rights holders, producers, buyers, and investors. This year, the market is abuzz with anticipation for a plethora of new projects ready to be unveiled, and the FilmTrack team will be in attendance, eager to connect with media companies, networks, studios, and professionals involved with rights management.

Maximizing Opportunities at EFM 2024: What's in Store? 

Why attend this year's EFM? 

  • Networking Nexus: The EFM acts as a pivotal platform for networking, offering opportunities to connect with global leaders in film and television content.

  • Innovative Content Showcase: With exhibition areas almost fully booked, EFM will display a diverse range of audiovisual content, including fresh films and series, ready for distribution.

  • Venue Expansion and Accessibility: This year, additional venues like the Gropius Dome will facilitate more meetings and events, enhancing the overall experience.

Special Highlights of EFM 2024

efm_2024-1This year's event presents a number of industry highlights:

  • Diverse Stands: The Caribbean umbrella stand, Arab Cinema Centre, Native Indigenous Cinema stand, and others symbolize the global reach and diversity of the market.

  • EFM Industry Sessions: Incredible Industry sessions, running from February 16 to 20, will delve into current industry issues and trends, offering invaluable insights for media company owners.

  • Innovative Programs: The Reel Time initiative and activities focusing on Ukrainian filmmaking present unique opportunities for exploring new content and markets.

Celebrating Milestones

Ten-years Going Strong

This edition of EFM marks the tenth anniversary of both the Berlinale Series Market and EFM Startups, showcasing the market's commitment to serial content and innovative business ideas in the audiovisual realm.

Italy - The Country in Focus

Italy takes center stage as the "Country in Focus", offering a closer look at its film industry and opportunities for collaboration and networking.

FilmTrack at EFM 2024: Transforming Your Content Strategy

As EFM 2024 shapes up to be a pivotal gathering in our industry, it presents a vital opportunity for media companies to discover new content, embrace industry trends, and forge significant partnerships. This event is the perfect setting for those looking to expand their horizons in the dynamic media and entertainment landscape.

Join FilmTrack in Berlin, where we're eager to discuss how our innovative solutions can streamline your content management. Specializing in assisting a wide range of media organizations, our cloud-based platform simplifies managing content rights, financials, and complex industry calculations. We look forward to learning about your organization and exploring how our services can contribute to your success. Let’s meet at EFM and discuss the future of your content management strategies!

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