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How to Manage Entertainment Rights as Distribution Complexity Explodes

[New Ebook] Gone are the days when tracking entertainment rights was a straightforward proposition. Now, to know exactly where the best ROI will be, you have to be able to drill down on the

How To Value Your Digital Content Library

Film and television content library values have fluctuated wildly as the entertainment industry has changed. The success of streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) services has prompted numerous media

Buried Treasure: Identifying Revenue Opportunities Within Your Content Library

The rights management landscape has always been a complicated place with availability restrictions based on language, territory, global currencies, and other variables. However, the advent of

How To Track Your Rights When Excel Doesn't Cut It

If you're still managing your entertainment rights with Excel, you're letting a boatload of opportunities sail by while you struggle to keep your spreadsheets afloat. Not a great way to monetize your

The Benefits of Brand & Product Licensing

In the world of business, partnerships are often the best recipe for success. Whether your business is looking to get off the ground, looking for new streams of revenue, or has hit a plateau and is


In the 2020 Winter edition of the MESA Journal, FilmTrack's current COO Michael McGuire explains how the pandemic has impacted the entertainment industry and how that impact may have fundamentally

KEYNOTE CONVERSATION: The Fin-Tech Side of RightsTech at DEW2021

The Fin-Tech Side Of RightsTech: Modernizing Payment Of Royalties And Residuals ‍

5 Steps to Get Prepared for the New Revenue Recognition Standard

How will the new standard affect your current revenue recognition model? The current model used by most Media & Entertainment companies to determine the pattern for revenue recognition for licenses

How FilmTrack Financials Helps Your Entire Business Ecosystem

The rapid rise of digital entertainment has made rights management functions more complicated than ever before. With FilmTrack Financials, media & entertainment businesses can navigate today’s

Hollywood Merger Mania: Is Consolidation the Future of Media & Entertainment?

The rise of on-demand entertainment platforms –– Netflix, Facebook, Hulu, and Amazon, to name a few –– has brought on massive change in the way people consume news, movies, and TV shows.