Jacqueline's Jigsaw: Piecing Together the Licensing Puzzle at FilmTrack


Step behind the scenes at FilmTrack with Implementation Specialist Jacqueline Chemerys! Jacqueline lends her expertise with a touch of grace to the art of brand licensing and she takes on her transition from the fast-paced world of retail ops to the strategic intricacies of licensing. Sit back and enjoy as we unfold FilmTrack's story of innovation and Jacqueline's part in shaping a user-friendly experience for their clients.

Professional Journey

Please share your career journey leading up to your current role at FilmTrack. 

JACQUELINE: Sure! My career has been quite focused; for the past 9 years, I've been immersed in the world of brand licensing. The last two of those years have been with FilmTrack, and before that, I was with another company in the same industry. This was a natural progression from my previous 17-year tenure in retail operations, where I managed a broad spectrum of functions, including budgeting, training, and human resources. 

The retail sector was an excellent primer for brand licensing. It's all about understanding the customer and the product, which is at the heart of licensing as well. My retail experience translated well into grasping the intricacies of licensing agreements and the importance of brand representation, which eventually led me to specialize in implementation support and managing client success within this niche.

What are your core responsibilities in managing FilmTrack's licensing system? 

JACQUELINE: In my role, I primarily oversee the RoyaltyZone system, which is our platform dedicated to brand licensing. It's a comprehensive system that ensures all contractual and financial aspects of licensing are managed efficiently. Additionally, I've been dedicating time to mastering the FilmTrack software itself, learning the ins and outs of entertainment rights management to better support our clients in implementation.

Brand Licensing Explained

For those unfamiliar, could you explain what brand licensing entails? 

JACQUELINE: Brand licensing at FilmTrack is about managing the rights and agreements associated with technology patents and consumer goods, which includes a variety of products from clothing to home goods and even gaming. Unlike entertainment licensing, our focus is on ensuring that contracts between licensees and licensors are meticulously tracked and managed to prevent any potential infringements. This involves a keen eye on details such as territories, retailers, and intellectual properties.

What capabilities does RoyaltyZone offer to clients? 

JACQUELINE: Our system is robust, offering end-to-end management of the licensing process. This includes royalty processing, financial tracking, invoicing, payments and participations. It's designed to be user-friendly, allowing licensees to submit product requests to licensors for approval—this is a critical step for any branded product you see in the market. 

The system is versatile, catering to both sides of the licensing equation, whether you're a licensee or a licensor. It's also a powerful tool for sales analysis, providing insights into market performance and helping ensure compliance with exclusivity terms and contractual guarantees.

Entertainment Rights and Client-Centric Approach

How has the transition to working with entertainment rights at FilmTrack enriched your experience?

JACQUELINE: Transitioning to the entertainment rights side has been incredibly engaging. I'm part of a fantastic team, and we operate under the leadership of Wagner Palmiere. What's truly remarkable is the customer-centric philosophy that permeates our work. We listen intently to our clients and strive to meet their unique business needs. Since every business is different, customizing the software implementation to align with their specific requirements is both challenging and rewarding.

How do the integrative systems for brand licensing and entertainment rights enhance business operations for your clients? 

JACQUELINE: Our systems are designed to be comprehensive, consolidating all critical elements—contracts, royalties, due dates, guarantees—into one accessible place. This centralization is key to enabling businesses to effectively track their operations and maintain strong relationships with their contractual partners.

Can you delve into the reporting and analytics aspect of FilmTrack's systems? 

JACQUELINE: The reporting functionality of both FilmTrack and RoyaltyZone systems are quite advanced. It allows businesses to dive deep into their data, providing them with the ability to track inventory sales down to the minutest detail and align those figures with the terms of their contracts. This level of granularity in reporting is invaluable for making informed business decisions.

The Evolving Landscape of Brand Licensing

How has the landscape of brand licensing changed in recent years? 

JACQUELINE: The brand licensing industry is a dynamic field that's constantly evolving. We've witnessed a significant shift from traditional distribution channels, like department stores, to direct-to-consumer models, largely driven by the internet. The advent of NFTs has also revolutionized many licensing programs, introducing new methods for calculating royalties.

It's a fascinating market that keeps adapting, and on the FilmTrack side, the entertainment business is no different. Staying abreast of these changes is crucial, and having tools like FilmTrack and RoyaltyZone is invaluable for navigating the ever-changing terrain.

What common challenges do new clients face when adopting either software?

JACQUELINE: One of the most common challenges is the tendency to prioritize everything at once. It's crucial to identify what's most important and use the software as a stepping stone. We advise clients to start with core functionalities and then build on them over time, rather than attempting to implement everything simultaneously, which can be overwhelming and counterproductive.

FilmTrack's Collaborative Culture

How do you find the culture at FilmTrack?

JACQUELINE: FilmTrack champions a culture rooted in ethics and respect, fostering a highly collaborative and positive work environment. This collaborative spirit has been instrumental in my ability to quickly take on my first Filmtrack entertainment rights software implementation while maintaining my current RoyaltyZone implementations. It's a testament to the supportive nature of my colleagues and management. 

Advice for Aspiring Licensing Professionals

What advice would you offer to individuals looking to enter the entertainment or brand licensing fields? 

JACQUELINE: My advice is to be eager to learn. The licensing industry either brand or entertainment, is complex and multifaceted, offering a wealth of learning opportunities. It's an industry that significantly impacts our daily lives, though many may not immediately realize it. Licensing is pervasive, and understanding its influence and operations can be incredibly rewarding for those curious enough to delve into its depths.

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