How to Manage Entertainment Rights as Distribution Complexity Explodes

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[New Ebook] Gone are the days when tracking entertainment rights was a straightforward proposition. Now, to know exactly where the best ROI will be, you have to be able to drill down on the complexities, like how much you'll have to pay out on a VOD contract licensing a block of content in Portuguese to Brazil. To be competitive, you need the ability to consider such specifics. 

Our new ebook, Complex Film & TV Rights Management, demonstrates the ways media companies are losing out on opportunities and leaving themselves open to risks by relying on manual processes, such as Excel, to evaluate and track rights. 

Use our ebook to learn:

  • The myriad of factors adding to entertainment rights complexity, including language, geography, and growing distribution channels
  • How rights tracking has evolved in the last few years
  • What tools are available now that give you powerful end-to-end management to increase revenue
  • And much more!

Let us show you what you may be missing! Download our ebook to learn more.

Film & TV rights management

FilmTrack's Contracts & Availabilities Manager

FilmTrack's Contracts & Availabilities Manager

Increase revenue, get to market quicker, and optimize the value of your library. Our Contracts and Availabilities Manager provides automated, real-time contract and availabilities data across your entire catalog.

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tablet displaying Business Intelligence Manager

FilmTrack's Financials Manager

Enjoy the most robust financial tools in the industry, built to handle the most complex calculations. Whether it’s circular deductions, financial waterfalls, or royalties in/out, you can relax and know that everything is being split and paid accurately.

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FilmTrack's Brand Licensing Manager

FilmTrack's Brand Licensing Manager

Increase revenue, save time, and measure the success of your brand licensing program. RoyaltyZone, a FilmTrack solution, makes it easy for you to automate your business and take your licensing game to the next level.

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