Industry Mayhem - Are You Keeping Up With The Evolving Landscape?


FilmTrack's Co-founder and CEO Jason Kassin penned an article in the M+E Journal just before the holidays tackling the challenges we face tracking rights and financials given how quickly distribution models and the industry, in general, are changing. Not only are media companies tripping over themselves to recoup on projects, but situating themselves to pursue opportunities is increasingly fraught with complexity.

We've addressed this issue extensively, as it's at the heart of what we do. More recently, with our ebook Complex Film & TV Rights Management: History, Current Tracking, and 21st Century Solutions, we studied the industry's evolution and took stock of current technology solutions media companies have at their disposal.

tracking moving targetsJason's M+E article, Tracking Moving Targets: Rights Management In An Evolving Landscape, takes a practical look at how the barrage of streaming platforms and a seemingly undying thirst for content is morphing distribution models. How must we respond as media companies–and how is FilmTrack responding–to monetize in today's world?

As Jason quips in the article: "I don't want to be the last guy selling buggy whips, writing a rights management system for yesterday's distribution model." 

How can you best keep pace with changes? Find answers in the article!

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